About Us

How It All Began

The inventor who is a disabled Iraqi War Veteran, was working as a new hire for the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Terre Haute IN. While escorting an inmate one day; after insuring the handcuffs were secured and double locked per policy instruction. The inmate asked if he could show the rookie officer a magic trick, and then proceeded to raise both his hands in the air revealing the handcuffs completely unlocked and off his wrist. Though the inmate received consequences for his actions, this sparked in the rookie officers mind a need for more secure handcuffs. When the rookie officer asked the inmate how he freed himself, he responded with “most of us in here can do this, we just don’t want to lose our commissary privileges, as long as we have use of our hands there’s not much we can’t do”! So the rookie officer knew the fix was with the hands, not with just a handcuff cosmetic solution. This was the creation of the Secure Fit Restraint Mitt.


Our Company

Advanced Restraint Systems was created in 2016 by Lee Reed partnering with Renco Corporation with the goal of making sure detainees are not threats to Law Enforcement Officers, Prison Guards, Correctional Facility workers, and the like.


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